Partnering in Your Wellbeing

When your body is out of balance it is difficult to fully engage in your life.  The ease in which you used to connect with friends and manage your day can seem like a dream of days past. Most people know that the mind and body are connected, but are at a loss of where to go from there. Left with confusing and conflicting information from different health care providers, it can be difficult to make sense of it all.

One of the things we are beginning to understand is the delicate balance between our hormones, neurotransmitters, and our mind, brain and bodies. It can be a vicious cycle as life stressors contribute to physical health symptoms, then the symptoms themselves increase your worry, stress, and sense of limitation.

Although health issues such as adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, irritable bowel syndrome, or sleep problems are often treated with medications, there is a lot you can do independently to support your health and wellbeing.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, strengthening coping skills, creating supportive relationships, and maintaining a health plan have all been proven to be helpful supplements to your healing process.

Effective, knowledgeable therapy can help you:

  • develop a health plan that makes sense for you and your life,
  • support you developing skills to improve your mood, relationships, and
  • help you stay on track to implement your goals.

Few physicians have the time to work with you in this way, and few therapists have the expertise to support you with these medical issues. Your body can be one of your greatest resources, and I’d like to partner with you in regaining your health.

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