leadershipIf you are working hard but not achieving the results you want, I can help you identify the areas where you can grow your leadership skills. Together we can assess what is and what isn’t working at work. This will involve looking at your strengths and challenges, discussing your particular work tasks and relationships, and helping you develop the skills and strategies that will help you be more effective and get noticed at work.

Each one of us tends to lean toward either being relationship focused or task focused; yet we can grow the skills in the areas that do not come as naturally to us. For example, if we are more comfortable in relationships, staying focused on tasks and holding others accountable for outcomes is uncomfortable and challenging. In contrast, when we are task focused, it is easy to overlook the relationship aspect of getting and keeping people emotionally engaged in their work.

Other dimensions we will work on include balancing boundaries and expectations, establishing a clear vision and priorities, communicating effectively, and creating inspiration. The investment that you make in creating a more effective work life can pay dividends, enriching you with more confidence, better work relationships, and more interesting work. When we work with your strengths, we can create a strategy that helps you grow your work satisfaction in a way that feels natural and effective.

If you are ready to hone your ability to grow at work, I can help you identify your strengths, your developmental areas, and the needs of your particular work situations. Together we can create a plan that allows you to most effectively target your efforts into increased productivity, influence, and satisfaction at work.