motivationWhen you lack motivation, your life lacks richness, drive, and passion. Yet, sometimes it is difficult to generate motivation. This may be true when you don’t have the job, partner, or opportunities for fun that you want, or it may be true when you have all of these things yet still have difficulty getting going.

I can work with you to uncover what you are really looking for, especially if you find yourself pulling back when you seem close to getting what you want. Together, we can explore the hidden barriers that prevent you from getting closer to the life of your dreams. As you practice working with these barriers, many of them become eliminated, while others may direct you to a deeper truth of something that you had not considered as important in your life.

This work can be concrete and clear, such as identifying a goal and working toward it, or we can work in a deeper, more exploratory way. Working at a deeper level helps you begin to tap into aspects of yourself that had been forgotten or have not yet had a chance to grow.

If you are ready to fully assess your life and evaluate what is keeping you from the joy and satisfaction that could be yours, I’d love to work with you.