It is helpful to know your insurance benefits before coming in. I value your privacy and am not in contract with any insurance companies. As a fee for service provider, you will pay each time you meet with me. Then, you’ll submit the receipt to your insurance provider. When you call it is important to ask what your out of network benefits are for mental health services. You can use the information below to get a basic idea.


• You’ll be submitting claims for “Individual Psychotherapy, Outpatient, 60 minutes,” also referred to as CPT code 90837. We may use other codes and can discuss this when you call for your consult, but 90837 gives you a good baseline.

• My current fee for CPT code 90837 is $200.

• My zip code is 30345 for my Century Parkway office and 30328 for my Sandy Springs office (reimbursement varies based on location).

• I’m a licensed psychologist, and I am a non-participating provider (meaning that I have chosen not to have a “contract” with any insurance companies).

HIPAA Agreement – This form is only needed if you plan to file with your insurance company.