Are you feeling

Worn out





Like you are in a rut with no end in sight?


And having a hard time relating to others that seem so happy?

Have others told you that you seem “not yourself?”

Or, have you known that you struggle with depression but have come to believe that this is simply the way it has to be? It’s easy to become hopeless when you feel exhausted and all of your efforts seem to go nowhere. Surveys report that as many as 10% of the population suffers from a mood disorder, yet you may feel totally alone and stuck.

As an experienced clinician, I can help you identify what you can do to improve your mood and provide strategies to decrease the power your mood has over you. I have found that no single situation or factor leads to depression. Instead, just as we are complex, unique individuals, there are often several contributing factors to depression. Together, you and I will carefully and patiently work together to create a full understanding and get you feeling better.

To accomplish this, we will address your depression from several directions, including exploring your thought patterns, your emotions, your relationships, stressors in your life that contribute to your depression, and your overall physical health. Exploring these areas is part of a good assessment and will help me shape your healing process to fit you.

Been there, done that, you say?! That’s okay too. If you’ve made it that far in working with your depression you have a lot to be proud of. However, if you feel you have addressed each of these issues and are still not where you want to be it is worth coming in for an appointment. Many of the people I work with have already been to other therapists and doctors, yet feel something is missing.

Although medication and psychotherapy are the most commonly recommended treatments for depression, not everyone wants to introduce medication in their lives. If you are interested in maximizing your healing from depression and low mood without medication, I can help you incorporate the strategies that will give you the best chance of working with your body’s natural healing abilities to improve your mood.

My combination of experience, insight, and understanding of the latest research may make me a good fit for you. Let’s see if we can help you get to the next step in creating a more meaningful, satisfying life for you.