And the Relationships that Enrich It

A rich and full life includes having a sense of meaning and purpose, healthy relationships, and the ability to effectively make choices about how you live. Yet it is easy to get caught up in day-to-day busyness and lose track of what makes your life meaningful. Similarly, it is easy to take relationships for granted and slide into conflict, frustration, and sometimes even a sense of hopelessness. When it has become difficult to maintain cooperation, mutual respect, good communication, and positive emotion, it is time to recalibrate.

Although my master’s degree coursework included a specialization in Family Therapy, as a doctoral student I began to consult with organizations. Because of this experience, my work with families often includes work on the overall “system” of the family, communication skills, leadership development, and helping individuals, especially adolescents, find their unique individuality. This teen task of fitting in and working with the family while also growing independence and responsibility is much like the adult task of maintaining a sense of self while working within a larger, “civilized” work environment.

When your relationships can benefit from a realignment, I can help you assess your priorities.  Working from your goals, we will begin to create a roadmap and process to help your relationships move into a healthy balance.  Throughout this process, I will partner with you by sharing observations of your relationship dynamics and my knowledge of what works. Together, we can work toward creating more harmony, cooperation, and trust.

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