Whether you are interested in honing your work skills or developing more effectiveness in your personal life, I can help. In my experience, there are several factors that hold people back from achieving their goals. Naturally, having unclear goals can make achievement difficult, but so can:

  • difficulty prioritizing,
  • inability to choose among competing goals,
  • self-sabotage,
  • inconsistent motivation,
  • lack of resources,
  • not yet having the skill to achieve the stated goal.

After developing an understanding of your particular goals, we will fully assess the motivation and value that will drive the achievement of your goals. When it is clear that achieving the goal will be value-added for your life, we will map out the assets and barriers and create our initial plan. As setbacks occur, we will fully explore and problem solve so that the plan continues to improve and significant learning occurs along the way. This process ensures that you will be able to independently apply these strategies to achieve other goals in your life.

When you are ready to implement change, I can help you break it down into management parts, develop and sustain motivation, and help you work through the barriers to achieving your goals.