Making a decision to come in for individual therapy requires acknowledging that you are ready for a change and have some energy behind addressing that change. I consider therapeutic work a “hero’s journey” in that it represents making a courageous choice to begin to have more in your life. In addition to addressing the particular issue that brings you in, participating in individual therapy is an opportunity:

  • to learn more about the strengths you bring to the challenge,
  • develop new skills along the way,
  • explore key relationships, beliefs, and values to refine knowledge of yourself as a person.

Whether we decide to work on a short-term, specific issue or whether we create a longstanding, deeper healing process, my goal is to collaborate with you to draw out and further refine your strengths, your goals, and ultimately your satisfaction with life.

My style is compassionate, respectful, and patient, yet you will also find me goal oriented and focused on what we want to achieve together. I ask questions, share observations, and am open and honest about the process. I believe that therapy should not be a mystery. My work is informed by experience, research, and the following therapies: interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, sensorimotor/psychomotor, and existential.  In essence, I like to think that I pull from the knowledge base that works for each individual person. If you do research on what works in therapy, you will find that no one particular therapy stands out above the rest.  There are different approaches for different problems, styles, and places in one’s life. However, one important aspect does stand out and that is how collaborative we can be together. I will ask questions at the end of each session to determine how well we are doing, and will actively work with you.