communicationEvery aspect of our lives is affected by our ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. If you find yourself struggling to get your ideas across to others or having difficulty with the important conversations in your life, I can help you address the underlying problem and improve your communication skills. People reach out to me for help with communication for many different reasons, including nervousness and fear, difficulty sorting through many thoughts, being unsure of what is appropriate to say or do in different relationships, or simply wanting more confidence and ability to speak with a stronger presence.

Working together, we can develop clearer, more effective communication. This may involve developing the courage to be more assertive, the clarity to distill an important message, or it may involve developing more warmth and kindness so that your message is more likely to be heard. It is different for everyone, and my work with you will be tailored to your particular needs.

Developing more effective communication may involve exploring what you really want so that competing desires don’t cloud your message. We are also likely to explore boundaries and assertive communication so that your message is on-point, effective, and leads to better, more healthy relationships.

If you are ready to see what improved communication can do for your work, life, and relationships, give me a call.