OCDStuck in time-consuming behaviors? Unable to get away from repetitive thoughts or actions?  Been told you are rigid in your thinking or ways of doing things? Getting exhausted by the extra work it takes to distract yourself from your obsessions? Starting to have a hard time getting places due to your focus on checking, routines, or perfect ways of doing things?  Are these issues starting to impact your job or your relationships?  It might be time to begin chipping away at the hold your thoughts, routines, and repetitive behaviors have on you.

Traditionally, exposure and relapse prevention has been used to help people with these issues.  However, in my work I’ve found that an integrative approach using knowledge from several fields yields a more stable result.  When working with OCD symptoms, it is important to include cognitive-behavioral therapy, education about the mind and body, training of the brain, and the development of specific coping skills.  However, none of these things matter unless you feel safe, respected, and not judged. OCD can drive you away from the supportive, rewarding relationships that enrich life.  It can be difficult to talk about OCD and the beliefs behind the thoughts and behaviors.  When you come in to work on OCD issues, I will understand that it was hard to reach out and unsettling to think about real change.  I will partner with you in creating an effective strategy to manage and improve your symptoms.  In addition to my own experience working more than 20 years in the mental health field, my approach is informed by the latest research in brain imaging, therapeutic outcomes, and the factors that create lasting change.

Our work together will be supported by:

  • a safe, trustworthy environment,
  • skill development to manage uncomfortable emotions
  • strategies to tame the repetitive and troubling thoughts that keep you trapped
  • education about OCD, the brain, mind and body, treatment options, and what to expect so you can make the best decisions
  • a practice phase to stabilize your skills and maintain them over time.

Working together, we can start with your most troubling thoughts or actions, create a different way of dealing with them, and give you a greater sense of calm and control in your life.  Throughout this process I will be your partner in creating health, peace of mind, and freedom from the hold your thoughts and rituals have over you.  If you’d like to get started, I’d love to work with you.