family_conflictWe all know the pain of tension or disagreement with a family member. Our longstanding relationships give us a foundation for loving feelings and acceptance, but long-term relationships also give us the opportunity to be deeply hurt and disappointed.

Tension and conflict in families can stem from many places, including between couples, siblings, parents and a child, or even extended family members. Parents often reach out to me worried about how tension in the home is affecting work or school, or to work on maintaining healthy relationships inside the home when outside stressors such as work, the economy, school, or friendships affect home life. Similarly, adult siblings may reach out to me to help navigate longstanding issues. These may include being stuck in old feelings and patterns, or when new life challenges make it hard to support one another.

I can help you see where emotions are clouding your clear thinking, where thoughts, beliefs or assumptions limit your ability to problem solve, and help you heal old wounds that still affect your relationships. Family work begins with developing an understanding of what the frustrations are; listening and watching patterns unfold, and helping you see what is working and what is not. If you are willing to talk about the difficult subjects and even learn some new ways of doing things, we can make things better.

Addressing whatever causes pain in your family is important because family is the template that all other relationships are drawn from. When we carry old wounds, or new feelings from a fresh conflict, it colors the way we interact with others. If you are ready to grow beyond your current pain, frustration, and sense of hopelessness, call and let’s get started.