parent_coachingSometimes it is hard to know what is causing tension and communication breakdown with your kids. Many parents are unsure of whether a child pulling back is due to normal, developmental striving for independence or whether it a sign of a deeper problem. It can be difficult to sort out peer dynamics, anxiety or depression, academic difficulty, or whether substances have become a problem. During these situations, I can help you assess what the problems are and support you in dealing with your own emotions, communicating effectively, and working to address the issues.

If your child has been recommended for a treatment program, I can work with you on your own grief and growth work as you navigate the process. It can feel like you have suddenly been interjected into an entirely new world, and it can be helpful to work with a professional that understands how treatment programs work and how best to align with them. If your child is in a treatment program, I can provide the recommended individual or couples counseling, and if desired, it is often helpful for me to join as part of the treatment team by connecting with the therapist your child is working with. Sometimes children will need multiple treatment options, but in working together sometimes we can create a stable support system that allows a child to return home more quickly.